English Salon in April (New format)

Hello from the new and improved English Salon,

This year we are changing the format of the English Salon. Now the English Salon will be held once a week on Fridays and the room has changed to Science Plaza, 1st floor (next to the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences). Sessions will still be at lunch time 12:10 to 12:50 but now we will announce the topics before the sessions.

April Schedule

Days/Time: Fridays 12:10 – 12:50

Place: Science Plaza, 1st floor (next to the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Room: Kyu-Kenkyu-Insho-Shitsu Room 3110


4/7: Battle over patent of CRISPR-based genome editing technology

4/14: What is translational research? Perspectives in 2017

4/21: Xenotransplantation: could animal organ save human lives?

4/28: Some very unusual surgeries

To reserve a place please access the following page, press book now and fill in your details (https://v1.bookwhen.com/englishsalon ). There are a maximum of 15 places at the English Salon and they are automatically allocated. You will receive an email when your booking has been completed. Please be sure to cancel if you decide not to attend.

If anyone has any questions please contact kyudai.englishsalon@gmail.com

We are looking forward to seeing you at the new and improved English Salon.